Sunday, May 11, 2008

Resident Evil Cold Blood

Resident Evil Cold Blood is a mod for Half-Life, your goal is to complete each mission, but since hardly anyone plays it the only way you can kill zombies is to create your own server by clicking "Start new game" then you select your map and other various options then click "start". Once the map has loaded READ THE MAP BRIEFING trust me it will make the game easier. Now since the game doesn't give you to many guns heres some cheats to give you some. First type "sv_cheats 1" in console then type "restart" in console it will disconnect you and then it will reconnect you now you can spawn weapons! Here is my gun guide:

Example: give weapon_mp5

Type these in the console:

give weapon_glock18 (Automatic Pistol)

give weapon_glock23 (Pistol w/Laser)

give weapon_shotgun (Hunting shotgun w/wood stock and handle)

give weapon_mp5 (Automatic Smg)

give weapon_beretta (Beretta Pistol)

give weapon_type68 (Colt 45)

give weapon_m4 (Automatic Rifle)

give weapon_357 (Desert Eagle)

give weapon_spas12 (Black Shotgun)

give weapon_mk22 (S.T.A.R.S. style Pistol w/Flashlight)

give weapon_RPG (Rocket Launcher)

Those are just some of the weapons but I am currently working on finding more of the weapon names.

Weapons mk22, spas12, and 357 were uploaded May/13/2008
Weapons RPG uploaded May/14/2008

If you can help me find weapon names to type in the console you can contact me at

Weapons I'm working on

The sniper rifle
The revolver